Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Specifications of Samsung Ativ SE Leaks, Not Use Windows Phone 8.1

Not long ago appeared a few leaks on Samsung's Windows Phone for Verizon , the Samsung Ativ SE . Earlier also there were some allegations of @ evleaks , and other leaks revealed that the Samsung Windows phones expected to be released on the 18th of April , priced at 599 U.S. dollars , or Rp 6 million .
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Today, someone who claimed to know about Verizon's plan , saying that the Samsung Ativ SE is not going to use Windows Phone 8.1 . And it seems fitting with the news over the weekend stating that the latest development of Windows Phone will not be available until 23 April, or exactly five days after Samsung issued a new Windows Phone for Verizon .

Sources close to Verizon was able to reveal some of the specifications of the Samsung Ativ SE , including the 5 -inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 , 800 quad - core Snapdragon CPU and 2GB of RAM . This smartphone will also provide 16GB of storage and a microSD slot for those who want to have a larger capacity . 13MP rear camera with , to further strengthen the similarities between Samsung Ativ SE and Samsung Galaxy S4 . The lack of Windows Phone 8.1 on a unit at launch , will be updated as soon as the update is ready .
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Note that this specification is not final , though some of them have in common with the other leak . ( * )


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