Sunday, April 27, 2014

Less than One Minute , Classic Ferrari Stolen Burglar

Less than One Minute , Classic Ferrari Stolen Burglar
Motor vehicle theft can happen anytime and anywhere. The target is not only the latest cars , but also older antique models .

Like a theft that occurred in Maastrcht , Netherlands . Unmitigated , the stolen car is a classic supercar , the Ferrari 348 .
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The incident was captured by a video camera person who was not named . The witness was not able to do anything , because he saw it from the top of the building . He was only able to record the incident .

From the video it looks two men the BMW 320d that pretends to parallel park behind a Ferrari 348 . Shortly thereafter , he broke the door and ignition key to start the car .

Less than a minute , the car directly lit . They also swing freely without the knowledge of the owner .

It is not known how the end of this theft . But many suspect that the thief is a man from Russia or Poland as well .

With the video footage of this , of course, can be used as one piece of evidence that can be investigated police . ( eh )


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