Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Thousand Candles For Sophie ...

Accompany the dim candlelight peace rally thousands of Brisbane , reject violence against women . Sophie Collombet death is the fourth homicide of international students , which took place in Brisbane , since November 2013 .
Body Sophie , 21 years old , was found naked and lifeless in Kurilpa Park , Brisbane , March 28 .

A 25-year -old man has filed a murder suspect Sophie , the French student , on charges of murder , rape , and armed robbery .

About 2000 residents Brisbane action that started in King George 's field is led by Niels Kraaier , President of the Graduate Student Association at Griffith University , where Sophie learned .

Niels memory of Sophie as a jovial and humorous figure .
 " I remember last October , he was present at the film night event on campus . Sophie laughed out loud comment on the film . Six months later , the laughter was gone forever. "

Niels adds , " We all know the importance of keeping themselves .. but something like this , you can not prepare . We owe it to Sophie to ensure that Brisbane is a city that is not only safe in the brochure , but also in real life . "

Before ending the peaceful protest with a candlelight vigil at Kurilpa Park , the protesters first parade along the streets of Rome .
At Kurilpa Park , a letter from Sophie's parents in France , was read in front of the masses .

Here's the letter snippet :
" You might just learn a foreign language , but you want to live with them , you want an adventure . "
" You know how to make a living is always beautiful in every moment of it. "
" But it 's all over ... we will always be with you , we will never forget you . "

After that , the action of silence echoed followed by parental choice song playback Sophie .
Lotte Scheel , one of the organizers of peaceful protest , said , gathering thousands of Brisbane residents showed concern towards violence against women .

" It is important to perform this action , to give attention to Sophie's family thousands of miles away in other parts of the world , " he said recently .
Danae Walker who joined the action with two children , said women should be able to feel safe wherever they are .

" Anyone , regardless of gender , should be able to go wherever they want , without any risk of being attacked , " he said .
After Sophie 's death , dozens of bouquets relationship and notes - small dismissal of those who recalled the incident meets the Kurilpa Park .
(see also: perawatan burung lomba)

" I do not know you Sophie , but I have to be here to show me how cares , " wrote one speech .
One other note came from a mother in Brisbane are asking the government to increase the number of police on the streets .


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