Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tizen Samsung Smartphone Coming Soon

SEOUL - Samsung is preparing two smartphones running the operating system ( OS ) Tizen . This is a big step of Samsung because it no longer depends only with the Android OS .

The first Tizen smartphone Samsung will be launched approximately II/2014 quarter end , each of which is a premium model and the medium . For the mid-market segment targeted to encourage growth in the number of sales .

Senior Vice President of Samsung's product strategy team , Yoon Han - kil , said that the company wants to build its own ecosystem with Tizen . While reducing dependence on Google's Android , which is used in most mobile devices Samsung .
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Samsung also wants to get his own income from the sale of third-party applications and services in the besutannya , just as the ruler of the Android mobile OS and iOS .

However, Tizen not become Samsung's main businesses . " Although Android will remain our main business , Tizen and Windows Phone will be targeting the market that can not be controlled by Android , " said Yoon , as reported by Reuters on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

The launch of Tizen smartphone yet acknowledged running smoothly . Samsung , Yoon said , had attempted to launch Tizen with operator DoCoMo and Orange , but did not succeed due to unfavorable market conditions .

" We changed our strategy and will release the phone in some countries that we thought would work , " he continued .

He added , in order to be successful then the Tizen platform should contribute 15 per cent of the total shipments of Samsung smartphones .
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