Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Find Friends Coalition, Prabowo Secretly Meet The Party Officials

Attorney General Announces Gerindra Party Zone Fadli said his party central commit - party approach to the other party . It cites , Head of the Board of Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto Faced Islam met with a number of coalition parties to discuss the issue .

Fadli today met with the Head of DPP Partai Amanat Nasional ( PAN ) Zulkifli Hasan . It says , Prabowo also met Chief General Hatta Rajasa PAN and PKS General General Anis Matta . In this week , he said, will meet Chief General Prabowo National Awakening Party (PKB ) Muhaimin Iskandar .

Fadli refused to mention any matters discussed at the meeting . However , it stated that the proceedings leading to the coalition parties . " We are 2-3 times shag Pak Hatta . We are not the same as the ( party ) to another , enggak berkoar - koar maybe he 'll see whether other parties nawarin coalition , " said Fadli in a press meet at the DPP Gerindra , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014) .

About cawapres figure Fadli mentioned that anyone can choose to engage Prabowo , the presidential candidate from Gerindra . Gerindra not restrict cawapres background , what are the civil , military , politicians , or nationalists or religious.

" ( Cawapres ) that can complement Pak Prabowo . Importantly nationalist . If nationalists , certainly religious, " said Fadli in a press meet at the DPP Gerindra , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Fadli yet to mention the name of the prospective cawapres question. Similarly, on matters discussed in the meeting Gerindra and PAN . He said Gerindra currently exploring the possibility of a coalition with several parties . According Fazli Faced Islam Prabowo was communicating with other parties , including Muhaimin and president of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY ) .

" Pak Pak Prabowo had communication with SBY via telephone. Cak Imin If with his team ( Muhaimin ) , has often run into . But , ( met ) with Cak Imin directly in the near future , maybe in a week," he said.

Fadli mentioned that the coalition will be formed Gerindra not only consider the good and bad of the party. Gerindra want to form a stable government leadership .

" We would ask all open at the beginning , let berpahit - bitter past . If it fix , we'll pour in the collective agreement , " he said.

Fadli said that at this time Gerindra focus on fulfilling the presidential candidates filing threshold , which is 20 percent of seats in the DPR RI . If it is fulfilled , the party symbol of the eagle 's head will compile the program and the vision- mission of government.
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Previously, Fadli said that his party wants to form a coalition obese by embracing many political parties. Gerindra coalition called the " big tent " . In addition to the above parties , Gerindra also approached the Party and the United Development Party paper Peoples .


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