Monday, April 28, 2014

There-There's Only, Request name is Anas Replaced

Anas Urbaningrum his case file indicated in the investigation stage is nearing completion or P - 21 . The file will be transferred to the prosecution stage for later prosecutors prepare an indictment .

"If the supposed schedule of May 9, it was the P - 21 . Majors I forget where the P - 21 . Know if my P - 19 , " said Anas , after undergoing examination as suspects in the alleged acceptance of gifts or promises in Hambalang and related projects or the other projects . He still joked while answering questions from the media crew .
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When asked about birth preparedness inner face trial, Anas was answered with a relaxed and joked . Former Chairman of the Democratic Party back even remarks that create media crew wondering about the examination this time .
" Completing the one - complement . , But before I 'm correction BAP ( Interrogation ) yesterday . , But was not granted by the investigator , " he said .

Description of what is about to be changed Anas that he asked the investigator to correct it . Media crew was asking the information points .
" I ask that my name be corrected . , But not allowed , " he said . Is there a typing error ? "It's not . Changed my name another name. Gak be said , " said the former member of the House of Representatives , with a smile .

Anas in his capacity as a member of the House became a suspect in the alleged acceptance of gifts or promises in Hambalang and related projects or other projects since February last year .

He allegedly violated Article 12, subparagraph a or b or section 11 of the Act ( the Act ) Eradication of Corruption . In its development , Anas later became suspects in the alleged money laundering ( AML ) .

Anas allegedly violated Article 3 and Article 4 of Law No. 8/2010 on the Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Article 3 Paragraph 1 and Article 6 Paragraph 1 of Law Number 15 Year 2002 on AML in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 .


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