Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ibis Karau, in Critical Wetland Birds

Indonesian Bird recorded the number of birds in the homeland increased from 1,598 in 2012 to 1,605 kinds of types in 2013 . " The addition of the new record comes from the distribution of seven species of birds ( new record ) are published in scientific journals in the period 2010-2012 , " said Jihad , Indonesian Bird Bird Conservation Officer . Based on the findings of a number of researchers , several species of birds that have not been previously recorded in the homeland was also found in Indonesia .
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The new record includes a small black - back gull ( Larus fuscus ) were seen on the island of Wetar , Shearing - sea Heinroth ( Puffinus heinrothi ) in waters Taliabu , kestrel - white forehead ( Microhierax latifrons ) in East Kalimantan , butt - striped spinach ( Himantopus himantopus ) in Sumatra , kedidi Baird ( Calidris bairdii ) in West Papua , leg - red tassel ( Phalaropus fulicarius ) in Java , and floating olives ( Anthus hodgsoni ) in East Kalimantan .

According to Jihad , of the total bird species in Indonesia , 126 of which are included in the endangered category , covering 19 types of Critical , Genting 35 , and 72 Vulnerable . Overall, the number is still the same as the previous year .

Nevertheless , three species of birds has increased keterancaman status . Bluwok Stork ( Mycteria cinerea ) rose from Vulnerable ( Vulnerable ) to Genting ( Endangered ) , as well as the white cockatoo ( Cacatua alba ) . Disturbingly , poksai horse ( Garrulax rufifrons ) increased dramatically from its original status Near Threatened (Near Threatened ) moved up two notches to Genting .

However , there is also an encouraging report of three bird species decreased keterancaman status . Mambruk Victoria ( Goura Victoria ) out of the zone of initial Vulnerable keterancaman be Near Threatened . Similarly, the parrot - ara Salvadori ( Psittaculirostris salvadorii ) which fell from the status of Vulnerable into Low Risk ( Least - Concern ) . While cekakak - ribbon Kofiau ( Tanysiptera Ellioti ) is still in the endangered zone because only one level down from Genting status becomes vulnerable .
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Data based BirdLife International , Indonesia's current top five in terms of species richness of birds after Colombia , Peru and Brazil , and competing with Ecuador . Unfortunately , Indonesia is ranked third in terms of number of endangered species . The first rank is occupied by Brazil , followed by Peru in the second position . While in terms of the type of bird endemism or distinctiveness , Indonesia, which has 380 species of birds endemic to far outperform other countries in the world and is ranked first . ***


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