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Differences Persian cat and Angora

For this post , I will share information about the difference Persian cat and Angora, which at first glance these two types of cats look the same , whereas the second type of cat has its characteristic , respectively , well if it is not yet really know the same animals this one is definitely still in its considered similar and do not see the difference .(see also: pakan burung)

Differences Persian Cats And Cats Angora

Many think that it is kind of long hair Angora cat , padahah it is wrong , because its truth is not necessarily a long-haired Angora cats , then what is the truth of his traits that distinguish the Angora cat with a Persian cat or other cats ? .

Here are the traits of Angora cat :

1 . Having macung nose ,

2 . Body size moderate ,

3 . Has a long body , and slender ,

4 . Having style is elegant and graceful ,

5 . Having a long tail and legs ,

6 . Having ears wide ,

7 . The overall shape of his head so rich triangle , and

8 . Having the tail feathers are thick and fluffy .

Differences persian cat and Angora

Actually it is no kind of Persian cat that is very similar to the Angora cat is a medium persian cat , persian type of medium in which it is equally macung have the nose , and his public call this cat is the result of a cross between the Angora cat and persian , but it's all wrong , because it was the original type of persian cat , persian its persian naum medium .

The characteristics of the Persian cat are :

1 . Having a pug nose ,

2 . Round his body size , and

3 . The Persian cat has extremely dense fur once .

Both of these cats are well known in Indonesia as well as in the World , but not everyone can maintain both types of animals , because the two types of animals have exorbitant prices , and its treatment can drain a hefty wallet , so for you the animal lover that one if your wallet is not ready just in deh hold up really well prepared , hehehe ......(see also: pakan burung kacer)

Well that was a bit of an explanation of the difference Persian cat and Angora, and hopefully this article can add your insights in a variety of things about pets .


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