Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Venezuela breaks ties with Panama Diplomatic

President of Venezuela , Nicolas Maduro , broke off diplomatic relations with Panama . The move follows a plan of Panama held a meeting of the Organization of American States to discuss the unrest in Venezuela .
( see also: lomba burung )

Speaking on the first anniversary of the death of former President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday , Maduro said , not only diplomatic relations were determined but also the economic partnership .

" All relations in the field of trade and economy will also start to freeze me today, " said Maduro , the BBC reported .

Maduro has accused , ruling Panama government seeks to overthrow his government . " No one is committing a conspiracy and wanted to intervene in our country , and can escape punishment , " said Maduro told Deutsche Welle pages .

He also criticized the President of the OAS , Jose Miguel Insulza , who suggested that monitoring groups could be sent to Venezuela to see rallies in the country . It will not benefit much even for the government and opposition groups .

Some leaders of Latin American countries such as Bolivia's President Evo Morales , Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega , and Cuban President Raul Castro , who attended the memorial was surprised to hear the announcement Maduro .

Party most certainly surprised to hear information that the President of Panama , Ricardo Martinelli . Martinelli has denied that his country is trying to interfere in the affairs of Venezuela .

" Panama only hope that our brothers in Venezuela could find peace and strength in a democracy , " said Martinelli .

"The measures announced by President Maduro , the transferor should not be a tool that is intended to hide the truth , " said Martinelli again .

Earlier, in February , Venezuela had already been expelled three U.S. diplomats for allegedly sparked a rally of students .( see also: lomba burung dara )

At least 18 people were killed in the protests that occurred almost every day in Venezuela since February. Demonstrators complained of the high rate of crime , skyrocketing inflation and shortage of basic necessities


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