Monday, May 19, 2014

Jokowi limit hike Delay Implementation of Auction Through ULP

Attorney General Announces Kadin Jakarta Sarman Simanjorang recalled Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo to defer the implementation of the auction through the Procurement Services Unit ( ULP ) goods and services DKI Jakarta. According to him , since ULP formed in March and to date, the ULP has completed its functions as a door auction .

This year , he continued , the better the performance of the auction returned to their respective ULP SKPD . As a result, the program can be implemented quickly and can estimate the maximum absorbed . Instead, ULP officially operated effectively in 2015 to come in line with the arrangements in it .
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For example , the preparation of human resources ( HR) , a means of supporting infrastructure , and socialization to all procedures related SKPD auction a new model through ULP door . To lack of human resources and other elements of the overwhelm ULP should implement an auction of 56 thousand 750 SKPD and activities of the local government unit of work ( UKPD ) of Jakarta .

Pending the completion of the formation ULP DKI , said he , the estimated effect on the low absorption Agency. To mid-May of this absorption DKI estimates , just 10 percent of the total budget of Rp 72 trillion .

In fact , when compared to 2013 with the same period, the estimated absorption reached 30 percent . Whereas in 2012 in the same time period , the estimated absorption has reached 32 percent .

" This is just the first case, after the second quarter , the absorption is very low budget . Whereas, in each SKPD , current estimates are compiled filing fee (ABT ) Towards the regional budget changes , " said Sarman .

When Jokowi not quickly take a decision, then DKI economic growth slows. Perhaps, he said , estimates that large DKI has enjoyed the community through the implementation of flagship programs . His feel concerned with this situation, because usually at the beginning of the second quarter, SKPD been busy working on the project .

"This year , there are no signs of doing something , because the auction process is not clear . To that end, we await the governor's decisiveness , " said Sarman .


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