Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jokowi-JK Promise Print 1 Million Hectares of New Rice in Outside Java

One of the vision - mission pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla is to realize economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy .

Similarly, the seventh item in the Nine Priority Agenda which is part of the Vision candidate mission - capwares that carried PDI - P and other third parties , as quoted from the official website of the Commission .

Nine Priority Agenda for the Future called Nawa show the priority in the way of change towards Indonesia politically sovereign , self-reliant in the field of economics , culture and personality .
( Read: harga burung pentet )

The following excerpt vision - mission Jokowi JK in efforts to achieve economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy .

We will achieve food sovereignty policy through improved irrigation and irrigation networks damaged in 3 million acres of rice , 1 million hectares of new rice fields outside of Java , farmers and SMEs bank establishment , warehouse with post-harvest processing facilities at each production center .

We will do the quality restoration of fertility of land contaminated by water irihasinya industrial and household waste , the cessation of conversion of productive land to other businesses , such as industrial , residential and mining .

We will achieve energy sovereignty over energy policy of reducing oil imports by increasing oil and gas exploration and exploitation at home and abroad , increased business efficiency penymedia energy SOEs in Indonesia ( Pertamina , PLN , PGN ) , the construction of the gas pipeline , the development of renewable energy .

We will give priority to the use of coal gas da weeks to increase electricity production in the country in order to serve the needs of households and industry .

We will realize the financial sovereignty through achieving financial inclusion policies 50 percent of the population , the tax to GDP ratio to 16 percent , a reduction in government debt , tighter regulation of national banks selling shares to foreign investors .

We will realize the reinforcement technology through the creation of a policy of national innovation systems ( public-private - partnership universities ) , especially for agriculture and of industrial sectors , as well as basic research and development supported by government funds .


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