Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arrange the budget, should Bappenas Given Authority Over

Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency ( Bappenas ) assessed should have more authority in drafting the State Budget ( Budget ) .

According to the Executive Director of the Center of Reform on Economics ( CORE ) Hendri Saparini Indonesia , Bappenas magnitude authority is expected to make more integrated preparation of the state budget .

" Core strengthening assess needs no authority to Bappenas in integrating policy and program development . Bappenas should have more authority , " said Hendri in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .
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Hendri judge with authority over the Bappenas , development planning contained in the state budget -cutting is no longer applicable as long as this and there is no obvious connection .

For that , Bappenas need to have a comprehensive planning model development and integrated across sectors and between central and local governments . Not only that , Hendri also hoped that the elected president can later implement a national development plans are integrated .

" We do need to be strengthened Bappenas it , because now it Bappenas more responsible in the initial planning , but after it was handed over to the K / L ( ministries and agencies ) , " said Hendri .

Hendri 's looking for Bappenas role in planning the direction of national development is almost non-existent.


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