Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inhibition Legal Cases Pearl Bank Sales, This LPS Comments

Chief Executive of the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) Wirdjoatmodjo Kartika case law reveals that hit PT Bank Mutiara Tbk is making the process of selling the bank 's former Century Bank becomes longer .

LPS is a shareholder in the bank's divestment process . Although the bank is overwritten various problems , the institute hopes everything can be resolved. Thus, potential investors are sure to be the bank's new owner .

This was disclosed Kartika respond to the statement of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) is interested in buying the bank's legal case as long as the bank was completed .
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" Indeed, we know there are some cases bank's law , such as Antaboga , or existing shareholders who dispute that now exists abroad . 's A challenge for us , because of course the prospective buyer wants to buy a bank that is clean , " said Kartika in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

Kartika recognizes the bank's legal case is complicated and takes time to complete. However , he added, it always gives information about the bank's condition in a transparent manner .

Such information is expected to be considered for potential investors to set options . " This is a long legal dispute , and this will continue until the bank's sold . , But we will open the cases of existing law and does not wish to disclose will cover what is, " said Kartika .

LPS has so far not been able to predict when the bank's legal case will be completed to its conclusion . However , he said it would resolve the various problems it with maximum effort . " There are still a few cases . Inevitably have to come in the future be sold , " he said .

Some time ago , the BRI claims to have expressed interest in buying Bank Mutiara . BRI director Sofyan Bashir express declaration of interests can continue to the next stage if legal issues can be resolved Bank Mutiara .


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